The menu at Artisan encourages you to eat well and experience cuisine influenced by the rhythm of New England’s seasons and farmstead offerings. While the menu rotates on a quarterly basis to reflect local offerings, some signature appetizers stay on the menu all year long. Our entrees offer a diverse and delicious selection of proteins that range from pink hued and beautifully marbled Berkshire Pork Chops, to tender duck breast cooked a la plancha, to our mouth watering bone-in dry aged Strip Steak, to perfectly pan seared Diver Scallops glistening in a bacon gastrique.



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    Frederic Kieffer
    Executive Chef

       Growing up in the countryside west of Paris, Frederic Kieffer spent his summers working in local restaurants where he discovered a true passion for cooking. Following his calling, Kieffer enrolled into the well-known L’Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise, Ferrandi in Montparnasse, Paris where he was classically trained in French cuisine.

       Upon graduation, a series of apprenticeships led him through the kitchens of such renowned restaurants as Taillevent, Le Chiberta, and the Lutetia Hotel. His career began in the kitchen of Tentation Caterers in New York City, running The Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. In addition, Kieffer was instrumental in the opening of the Los Angeles Music Center in California.

       As Chef Kieffer’s culinary reputation grew, he was given the opportunity to re-open Windows of the World one of the most iconic venues in the world with famed restaurateur Joseph Baum, then owner of the Rainbow Room. Kieffer considers this to be one of the greatest honors of his career and will always have a special place in his heart, especially after 9/11.

       After working in New York City’s Water’s Edge and being the Opening Chef of the celebrity owned Man Ray Restaurant, Chef Kieffer opened l’escale at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel. “Through some introductions and living in Westchester, NY, the l’escale opportunity was an exciting project, big enough to rival those in New York City, with an exquisite hotel on the water and it gave me the opportunity to return to my French roots.” Kieffer shares.

       The well-established Chef opened Gaia also located in Greenwich, CT. Gaia means Goddess of Mother Earth and that was at the heart of the concept. It was there Kieffer’s dedication to farm-to-table was solidified and became his cooking philosophy. Valuing the source of products and quality before it became trendy has long since become a part of Kieffer’s legacy. Under his guidance both l’escale and Gaia received an “Excellent” rating from the New York Times.

       As Executive Chef and Partner of Artisan Restaurant in the new Delamar Southport, CT, his farm-to-table menu received a “Don’t Miss” rating by The New York Times and Three Stars from Connecticut Magazine in addition to countless other awards and accolades.

       Currently Chef Kieffer is also involved in Four Columns Inn (Newfane VT) the first farm-to-table restaurant in the country which originally opened in 1965. As it celebrated its grand reopening August 2015 with an Artisan Restaurant, Tavern and Garden and a complete renovation of the Inn, Executive Chef Kieffer is thrilled to carry on its rich heritage adding his farm conscious flair guiding and mentoring the culinary team of Artisan Newfane. Part of an Artisan trilogy, the third Artisan is scheduled to open in late 2016 in the new Delamar West Hartford Hotel (CT).

    David Aguirre
    Chef De Cuisine

         David Aguirre was born and raised in the small village of El Sacramento, Guatemala as one of eleven children. Describing his family as warm and hard working, he received an infusion of love, drive, and determination. Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, David was a farmer. Living on a small farm of about two acres, the family was able to grow enough food to be almost completely sustainable. “The only thing we ever bought from the store was granulated sugar. We had everything else,” David remarks. Working the farm was simply your job in his family, but David shortly discovered his true passion was cooking.

         Taking after his mother, whom he says is the only member of his family he allows to cook for him; David began experimenting with various recipes from an early age. One that he continues to experiment with to this day is his mother’s homemade recipe for brown sweet bread. After countless attempts, he still cannot fully recreate as it was back home. Pursuing his dream of becoming a chef, David traveled to the U.S. at the age of seventeen. His first position came as Assistant Chef at the Rye Country Day School in Rye, NY. Shortly thereafter, he met Chef Frederic Kieffer at l’escale restaurant bar in Greenwich CT.

         Seeing the talent and passion present in the young eighteen-year-old, Kieffer hired him as an Assistant Chef the very same day he applied. Under the tutelage of Kieffer, he began to truly hone his craft. “Everyday I learn something new.” David states. “He is a great teacher and chef.” In turn, Kieffer recognized the talent and continuing growth of the young chef and has kept him by his side ever since. In 2011, Kieffer appointed him Chef de Cuisine at Artisan Restaurant, Tavern and Garden, where his duties include creating daily specials and approving all food sources including cost and quality, among others.

         Chef Aguirre feels extremely fortunate to have had the wide variety of fresh crops from which to work with on the farm back home. Fittingly, this love and appreciation for farm-to-table cuisine has continued under Kieffer and at Artisan Restaurant, Tavern and Garden where he now has the ability to select food from a number of fresh local farms. “It is hard to go wrong when you use fresh quality food.” Chef Aguirre particularly enjoys making special dishes for regular patrons he knows enjoy and look forward to them. There is no place he would rather be than in the kitchen. It is not just cooking, but the teamwork and camaraderie among the staff he thrives on. In the future, David hopes to open his own restaurant that would also feature farm-to-table cuisine.

         He resides in Fairfield with his wife and two children. Apart from cooking, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching soccer as a fan of Barcelona and his native Guatemala.

    Isella Rojas
    Pastry Chef

         Isella Rojas was born and raised in Lima, Peru as one of four children. Growing up two blocks from the ocean, she spent her summers on the beach with her siblings and four cousins. Describing her family as big, loving, and incredibly close-knit, both her parents emphasized the importance of hard work, education and family. Her father, in particular, taught and insisted his children constantly be looking to further their education.

         Inspired by her mother’s tradition of creating elaborate, beautiful birthday cakes, a five-year-old Isella began experimenting in the kitchen first with baking cookies. “It was the beauty of the cakes that I was attracted to, but even more so it was seeing the joy on the person’s face,” she remarks. For Isella, that feeling of eliciting joy from the individual you’re serving was the ultimate satisfaction and the spark of her dream to become a pastry chef. With the constant encouragement from her father to be savvy in business, as an important foundation, Isella completed a Masters in Business before going on to pursue her culinary training at San Ignacio de Loyola.

         Eventually her passion brought her to the United States to study at the Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, New York. Her continued dedication to ongoing education is vital, “there is always more to learn, to stay fresh, inspired and not stale,”she says with a wink and her infectious, perpetual smile. While visiting a relative in Maryland, Isella was introduced to Armine Aharonian of the Flaming Pit Restaurant who quickly saw the spark, passion and genuine kindness and scooped her up.

         Serving as the Pastry Chef for ten years Isella was like part of the family where she was given the freedom to experiment, refine and develop her unique style. She later moved to Connecticut and worked in the pastry departments of l’escale Restaurant and Versailles in Greenwich CT. Isella then accepted the position as Pastry Chef at Artisan Restaurant, Tavern & Garden, the sister restaurant to l’escale.

         Describing her style as non-traditional, she enjoys mixing and layering flavors and aims for her presentation to have a certain architecture where its beauty and elevation match its flavors. “Into every life a little sweetness must drop,” is her motto, evident in her savory and beautiful desserts and the love you taste in every bite.



Artisan sets itself apart from other venues, embracing both classic elegance and contemporary style. At Artisan our events are personally tailored to fit your imagination. Artisan’s professional events team can arrange for any kind of service you may need to create a truly memorable experience.

Artisan and Delamar Southport have many different venues to choose from, each with its own personality.

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At Artisan, we carefully select where we procure our food. The menu at Artisan encourages you to eat well and experience cuisine influenced by the rhythm of New England’s seasons and farmstead offerings. Each dish at Artisan is hand crafted with our guests in mind. Please feel free to inquire about vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free preparations that are available.


New Hall Farm
Sport Hill Farm
Red Bee
Gilberties Herb Farm
The Sono Baking Company


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